Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Pearl jewelry special gifts on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not just specific to a country, gender, religion or culture. It symbolizes love and signifies the importance of being in a relationship. Throughout the globe, this festival is celebrated with enthusiasm and zeal. The day of valentine is celebrated on 14th of February in the name of a Christian priest St. Valentine. Earlier, people were not allowed to get married as the kings thought that it would distract them from their life goals. But, later on, the boundaries were broken when St. Valentines married to a roman emperor named Claudius.

A Valentine day is incomplete without love, chocolates, teddies and gifts. Pearl symbolizes purity and beauty and is said to be the best gift for the valentine celebration.  A pearl necklace when gifted to your beloved, can fortify your relationship extensively. The pearl jewelry pieces are available in contemporary, classic, modern and designer styles. You can easily witness rejuvenated versions of pearl necklaces that your grandmother wears. Learning about pearl varieties helps in adding something worthwhile to her jewelry collection. You can check the  Pearl jewelry special gifts on Valentine’s Day. So let’s have a look at the best pearl varieties so that you can ease your search:

The evergreen natural pearl jewelry for valentine
Natural pearls are quite rare. They can be only found in Persian gulfs and most of them have been already harvested. They are available in certain good jewelry stores in various styles and designs. In case you have that serious love bond with your partner, then gifting a natural pearl set will certainly strengthen it all the more.

The cultural pearl jewelry pieces
Cultural pearls can be spotted at freshwater and saltwater lakes.  Various mollusks produce various kinds of pearls that can produce really magnificent jewelry pieces. Currently, the cultural pearl jewelry pieces are made up of farm grew pearls. The mollusks are made to rise until they are old enough to accept bead nucleus. The technicians implant beads in a very careful manner so as to generate a pearl neck piece. The high-quality jewelry pieces truly symbolize your affection for her. In order to make a single strand of a cultural pearl necklace, more than 2000 pearls have to be sorted. The matching and assembling is quite a crucial task which only well-versed jewelry makers can do.

Akoya pearl jewelry
Akoya pearl jewelry is primarily grown in china and japan. However, they can be found in any part of the part of the world. The recent years have witnessed enhanced demands for Akoya pearl jewelry as these are original in nature and available in plenty. The Akoya pearls are traditionally cream and white in color. The price range of the Akoya pearl jewelry’s is equivalent to a high-priced gemstone. These pearls have acceptable nacre and a clean surface. The Akoya oysters are grown in south and North American regions. There is a complete industry in japan and America that deals in Akoya pearl jewelry pieces.

Tahitian Pearls- the black pearl jewelry pieces
The natural black Tahitian Pearls are quite rare and exceptionally beautiful. It is said that out of 10000 oysters, a single Tahitian Pearl is produced. The size of a Tahitian Pearl ranges from 8mm to 12mm which is larger than a normal pearl size. A Tahitian Pearl jewelry piece is definitely one of the best options that can be selected by you for gifting someone special.

Imitation pearls are a subtle option for a valentine day gift
Imitation pearls are not original pearls that are naturally found or grown. They are manufactured and coated with glass beads. Maximum of them have high luster and are more beautiful than the natural pearls. Imitate pearl jewelry can be easily differentiated from an original one. Some of these pearls undergo certain treatments for changing their looks close to the natural ones. They are budgeted and worth to be gifted to the one you love without giving a second thought. Dissimilar to the original pears, artificial pearl jewelry are available in uncountable designs and shops.

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